26 Health Benefits of Cranberries to be Thankful For!

There’s nothing prettier and tastier than a bowl of those vivid, crimson red cranberries on the Thanksgiving table! Or do…

There’s nothing prettier and tastier than a bowl of those vivid, crimson red cranberries on the Thanksgiving table!

Or do you prefer the taste of cranberry juices?

Dried cranberries make for a wonderful addition to a salad or trail mix.

You may want to stock up on all of the above and eat them more often than Thanksgiving Day once you finish reading about the Health Benefits!

26 Health Benefits of Cranberries to be Thankful For!

  1. Cranberries are considered a SUPERFOOD and are antioxidant POWERHOUSES!  This is because they are very nutrient dense and have huge amounts of antioxidants packed into those little berries!  They rank just below the antioxidant king-blueberries!
  2. Recent studies have identified over two dozen antioxidant phytonutrients in cranberries.  Like I said, antioxidant POWERHOUSES!
  3. Need help preventing a UTI?  The high level of the antioxidant, proanthocyanidins (PACs for short) in cranberries helps prevent certain bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract walls.  Cranberry juices do not have the high levels and PAC’s so therefore aren’t as effective in preventing UTI’s.  When buying a supplement, be sure to read the labels and look for PAC content.  Important to note that cranberry supplements help prevent UTI’s but aren’t as effective for treating an existing UTI.
  4. Compounds in cranberries not only slow the growth of cancer cells in test tubes but also trigger the death of some cancer cells!
  5. The PAC’s in cranberries also prevent bacteria from sticking to our teeth and promote better oral health!  Even helps to prevent gum disease!
  6. 1 cup of cranberries has 5 grams of fiber!  Fiber is not only excellent for weight loss but helps lower cholesterol.  Be sure to read more about how vital fiber is to our health and well-being here. 
  7. Cranberries are excellent for heart health!  They help increase levels of good cholesterol.  (HDL)
  8. They help lower levels of bad cholesterol.  (LDL)
  9. They help lower blood pressure.
  10. Cranberries have anti-inflammatory compounds!  People who consume cranberries have lower levels of C-reactive protein.  This is a blood marker of inflammation, which can trigger premature aging, chronic illness, and cognitive decline.
  11. Cranberries help enhance circulation and blood flow which can lead to lower blood pressure.  Better circulation helps boost our energy levels and brain function!
  12. Certain compounds in cranberries have been shown to slow the growth of cancer cells of the breast, colon, lung, and prostate!
  13. The fiber in whole or dried cranberries help improve good gut bacteria!  Click to read how good gut health extends to all areas of health! 
  14. Want to boost your immune system?  The vitamin C in cranberries not only boost our immune system but plays a role in skin and joint health. Vitamin C is vital to our health and you can read the reasons why here.
  15. Cranberries are a good source of manganese.  This trace mineral helps improve bone health, reduce inflammation, contributes to good thyroid health and even helps control blood sugar levels.
  16. Trying to lose weight?  1 cup of cranberries provides 16% of the RDA of fiber.  Fiber helps you stay fuller longer and may help prevent overeating. 
  17. 1 cup of cranberries only have about 50 calories, which makes them great for weight loss!  The trick is to eat them in ways that don’t add loads of sugar to this tart fruit. 
  18. Cranberries are a rich source of Vitamin K which helps regulate blood clotting.
  19. The anthocyanins in cranberries help support liver function.  Our liver supports over 500 vital functions of the body!  That’s why it’s pretty important to keep our liver functioning at it’s best!
  20. Cranberries help improve brain memory!  More credit to the high levels of antioxidants.
  21. Cranberries reduce bile acids in the gut that have been linked to colon and gastrointestinal cancers.
  22. Experts also believe the antioxidants and other anti-inflammatory chemicals found in cranberry juice could prevent colon cancer.
  23. Cranberry juice is an excellent source of vitamin C!  This helps keep cells in our body healthy and protects them from damage.  Vitamin C is vital for wound healing and promotes healthy skin, blood vessels and bones.
  24. Cranberry juice is an excellent source of vitamin E!  This is an antioxidant that not only boosts our immune system but can also help prevent or delay illnesses including Alzheimer’s, cancer and even arthritis. Vitamin E is vital for maintaining healthy skin and hair.
  25. Preliminary research shows that the polyphenols in cranberries may protect your stomach from ulcers.
  26. Cranberries contain nutrients that play a vital role in protecting your brain from memory loss.
26 Health Benefits of Cranberries to be Thankful For!

So there you have it! 

26 Health Benefits of Cranberries to be Thankful for!

Important to note:  Just be careful in your preparation of cranberries that there isn’t loads of sugar added.

So what is you favorite way to eat cranberries? 

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