About Veggie Obsessed

Created by a veggie loving Certified Health and Nutrition Coach on a journey to spread the word about how amazing veggies are for our health. Here, you can learn all about veggie obsessed. 

About Jodie Crandall - About Veggie Obsessed

Hey there my friend! My name is Jodie Crandall.

I’m a veggie loving certified health and nutrition coach on a journey to spread the word about how amazing veggies are for our health! 

I am a self-proclaimed “plant-based meat eater” who has recently lost almost 50 pounds by eating more veggies!

Yes, you can fill your plate and still lose weight!

Society has drifted so far away from eating REAL, nutrient dense foods and I love showing others how simple and easy adding veggies (and fruit) to your meals can be!

You will be amazed how quickly you will have more energy, have a better state of mind and even sleep better once you start eating more veggies!

You might even become Veggie Obsessed.  😉

As an avid gardener, I love to grow lots of my own veggies but also teach others how veggies look as they grow on the plant.  Even if you have no plans to garden, it’s good to know where our food comes from!

Eat more veggies!



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