How to Transition to a Plant Based Diet-with or without meat.

Athletes are going plant based, celebs are doing it and the cavemen kinda did it. (in between hunts) “Plant-Based” is…

Athletes are going plant based, celebs are doing it and the cavemen kinda did it. (in between hunts)

“Plant-Based” is the biggest, latest and greatest buzzword in nutrition these days but truth be told, the concept has been around since the beginning of time.

For the health benefits, I would argue EVERYONE needs to learn how to eat plant based! 

Only 1 in 9 Americans eat the proper amounts of fruits and veggies daily.  (just 5 servings a day.)  We all have some work to do in this department!  And our health depends on it!

Let’s Chat about How to Transition to a Plant Based Diet- with or without meat.

First, what does eating a plant based diet mean?

The basic premise of eating plant based is consuming the bulk of your food the way nature delivered them or as close as possible to it.

Whole foods are unprocessed foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, farm-fresh eggs, nuts and legumes.  This doesn’t mean you can’t cook them. It just means they aren’t processed in a factory.

It also includes minimally processed foods like frozen fruits and vegetables, unprocessed meats, poultry and fish, unrefined grains, and oils.

How to Transition to Plant Based Diet- with or without meat.simple concept

Can you eat meat on a plant based diet?

For some, it does mean eliminating meats. For some, it means reducing meat.

I have GREAT NEWS!  The choice is yours!  Yep!  YOU get to decide what YOU eat and your food choices are 100% your choices to make!

I choose to eat and enjoy meat most days so I am a “plant-based meat eater.”  While the bulk of my plate is plant based, I have meat or eggs at most meals.

You CAN be plant based and still eat meat.

Plant based is honestly a simple concept because it’s all about eating whole, real food and limiting “Franken-food” — those “food products” that don’t resemble anything made in nature.  

If it GREW, FLEW, SWAM or RAN- eat it!

Was it made on a farm or made in a factory?

Did it come from a plant or made in a plant?

You get the idea.

Be careful of becoming the “Food Police.” This is about eating MORE healthy, nutrient dense, real food and not about creating this long list of foods that are completely off limits! 

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing thinking. 

EVERYTHING in moderation but 80-90% of the time, eat REAL, nutrient dense foods.  This leaves us some wiggle room. 

We have the freedom to eat Cheetos, Doritos and chocolate about 10-20% of the time.

It’s time to improve your health!

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Improve Your health plant based diet

Let’s Chat about How to Transition to Plant Based Diet- with or without meat.

Transition to a plant based diet slowly.

Take as long as you want!

You could take a week or a month or a year to transition.

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

When we start with too many rules and restrictions, we usually get frustrated and quit!

This is critical…. Think about adding in more real food before taking away. 

Simply add in 1 piece of fruit or a serving of veggies in addition to your meals. 

Start with 1 meal a day plant based!

Add in more meals and snacks over time when you are ready.

Again, take as long as you need to build the habit of choosing more fruits and veggies.

Remember to have a mindset of adding in more vs. taking away.

Add in more fruits and veggies.

You can begin with any meal that you choose but I find it’s easiest to start with lunch.

How to Transition to Plant Based Diet- with or without meat.

Easy Plant Based lunches

Can you add in a piece of fruit or side of veggies to your lunch? 

Even a handful of baby carrots counts! 

Maybe a small spinach salad and add in apple! 

Nothing too complicated.  Easy-peasy, right?!

I typically make extras for dinner and eat last night’s dinner for today’s lunch.

Continue to eat 1 meal a day plant based for a week or 2 and add in additional meals when you’re ready.

Easy Plant Based dinners

Now for dinner.  Same simple concept….

Can you ADD in 1-2 vegetables to your dinner?

Perhaps some oven roasted veggies.  My personal fave, love me some oven roasted veggies! 

Short on time?  Grab a bag of any frozen veggie mix and season them with a garlic and herb spice. 

Again, don’t make it complicated! 

I love the broccoli Normandy mix with 1 tbsp Italian dressing.  I love it warm or cold!

When time allows, (usually on the weekend) I love cooking up 1-2 trays of oven roasted veggies to be enjoyed throughout the week. 

You can always serve a nice, simple fruit salad for dessert.

Reduce or take away “franken food” next week but focus on adding in whole foods first!

You will likely find you have less room for the franken food after you’ve eaten the healthy, plant-based foods!

Try to eat as many plant-based foods as possible from ALL the colors of the rainbow. And don’t worry about missing out or sacrificing good tasting foods. Plant based foods taste great and will give you a bigger explosion of flavor than processed foods.

Learn how to eat the rainbow and count colors NOT calories. Download this free guide that will help you understand the food colors of the rainbow! Click here to download now!

how to become veggie obsessed

Breakfast on a Plant-based diet.

How about a nice bowl of oatmeal with some fruit added on top.

You can whip up a breakfast smoothie in 5 minutes flat!  Start with a frozen banana, add in any additional fruit.  I like to add in a handful of kale or spinach and a scoop of my favorite protein powder.  You can use almond milk or oat milk and blend until smooth. 

I personally love whole grain toast or waffle topped with a nut butter and a sliced banana. 

If you have the time, whip up some blueberry pancakes!

A family favorite is my breakfast hash.  Simply take diced sweet potatoes and diced apples, spray them with a touch of olive oil and sprinkle on some cinnamon.  Oven roast at 350* for 20-30 minutes.  If you choice, you can add in some chicken sausage or serve with eggs.  DELISH!

As you can see,  It’s not hard to learn how to transition to a plant based diet-with or without meat.

It takes time but you can totally retrain your brain and your taste buds to appreciate all the flavors of real foods without the processed, artificial flavorings you may currently be eating.

Try to greatly reduce processed foods that are heavily modified and contain a long list of ingredients, many of which are unrecognizable in nature, cannot be pronounced without an advanced linguistics degree and will knock you out of a spelling bee!

Highly processed foods typically have little to no nutritional value and include sweets, snacks, frozen dinners, sugary drinks and packaged meats such as sausage, hot dogs, etc.

How to Transition to Plant Based Diet- with or without meat.

Plan for indulgences and treats.  I don’t want to live a life of never having my beloved Cheetos, Doritos or chocolate.  Oh and Zapps Voodoo chips.  Seriously, they are amazing!

You will be surprised at how quickly your body responds to eating more plant- based food.  You will likely have more energy, be in a better mood, NOT feel as hungry and perhaps even sleep better.

Are you ready to eat more plant-based?

Now you know How to Transition to a Plant Based Diet- with or without meat.

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